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Orhan Özkerçin

Hello, I'm Orhan Özkerçin, an almost graduated student of computer engineering. I started to work in web programming at the beginning of 2020. Since that time I try to be a better programmer. My purpose to write clean, maintainable, and readable code. I am working to achieve this goal. Like most people, I start with HTML/CSS and I spend lots of time with JavaScript after that I worked with ReactJs and made some projects with it. Also, I am working professionally as a frontend developer for 6 months. I got experience with TypeScript and Angular during this period. Since then I'm writing code with Angular

My Projects

HTML/CSS Projects

Vanilla Js Projects



This is a landing page for a company called Keyorganik. Scss used for styling.

Netflix Clone

HTML5, CSS3, React, Tmbd Api


React, Redux, Reselect, Firebase, Styled-Components, Stripe